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Who’s buying Promotional Products? Top 10 List!

Who’s Buying Promotional Products? Top 10 List!

When you’re in the business of selling, it’s important to know who your buyers are. For promotional products, pretty much every industry could benefit from purchasing giveaway items, or at least customized pens. However, veteran distributors know which industries are the most reliable buyers for promo products. The following list ranks the top 10 purchasers of promotional products by industry. (Source: Promotional Products Work)


The SAGE Blog is going to feature each industry on the list in individual blog posts, complete with product ideas and marketing suggestions for turning these top buyers into your customers. Stay tuned!

Who are your go-to industries? We want to know! Post in the comments below.


5 Ways to be Healthier in 2 Minutes or less

5 Ways to Be Healthier in 2 Minutes or Less

Most people would agree that improving their health is important to them. But when it comes to making big life changes to accommodate a healthier lifestyle, who has the time? While we may not always be able to spend an hour at the gym or prepare fresh wheatgrass juice in the morning, we can certainly muster two spare minutes now and then. Here are five easy ways to feel better by making small changes in your daily routine.

1. Breathe deeply.

There are a hundred things a day that cause us stress – lack of sleep, traffic, deadlines – and few of these stressors can be removed entirely from our routine. Luckily, you already have the perfect tool to quell tension and improve your overall wellness at work – breathing.

“Practicing regular, mindful breathing can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders.” Andrew Weil, M.D

At least once a day, take a two-minute break from what you’re working on to close your eyes and take deep breaths. Check out this great article on The Muse about the benefits of 2-minute breathing sessions.

2. Rest your eyes.

Everyone has heard of carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive tasks, but few people realize that your eyes are similarly at risk. Working on a computer requires a lot from your eyes, so it’s important to give them a break. Try using the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away. Choose a distant object and let your gaze rest on it. Alternatively, just close your eyes now and then and count to twenty. This could also be a good opportunity to practice some stress-relieving breaths.

3. Get moving.

Sitting, or worse – slouching, at your desk all day can take a toll on your body and mind. Taking frequent breaks to stretch or practice a few desk exercises can energize your tired muscles and keep you from developing aches and pains. Instead of waiting for wrist cramps to remind you to stretch, take 2 minutes from every hour to stand up, take a short walk, or try out a quick “deskercise!” has some great suggestions.

4. Tidy your workspace.

Your messy desk could actually be making you sick. When was the last time you wiped down your keyboard and phone with disinfectant? Is that dust behind your computer? If there are papers everywhere, it’s no wonder you haven’t cleaned! Take 2 minutes a day to put your pens in the cup, papers in their trays, and throw away anything you don’t need. Every other day, wipe down every surface to keep it squeaky clean.

5. Eat healthy snacks.

Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in a project that you forgot to eat? And then by the time you remember, you just grab a Snickers from the vending machine and regret it later? One of the easiest ways ensure that you have healthy eating habits is to not let yourself get hungry. Instead, keep nutritious and filling foods in your desk, purse, or car and snack regularly.  This will help keep your energy consistent while giving your body and brain the fuel it needs to perform at its best!
Here are five easy snack ideas:

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Fresh fruit
  4. Nuts or trail mix
  5. Dark chocolate

What are you doing to stay healthy? We want to hear from you! Comment below and tell us what tips work for you.


Why you should be attending webinars

Why You Should Be Attending Webinars

In the age of technology, education never stops. The good news is that instead of blocking off a day on your calendar and driving downtown to attend a course, you can now access real-time education seminars from your computer. “Webinars” are live or recorded sessions in which you can learn a skill or gain information about a topic. Why is this online alternative quickly becoming the continuing education method of choice for busy professionals? Here are the top reasons why:

1. It’s convenient. Because webinars are online, participants can be at the office, a coffee shop, or at home in their pajamas. No travel time, maps and directions, or forgetting to bring paper and a pen. You have everything you need, right on your computer.

2. It’s relevant. Webinars are designed to be short and to the point. Sessions usually only last 30 minutes to an hour, so the speaker is more likely to stay on topic and forego unnecessary chatter.

3. It’s cheap. Since presenters don’t have to pay for space to accommodate attendees or equipment during the session, many webinars are free or very low cost for participants.

4. It saves time. Instead of scheduling travel time and paying mileage, employees can get more done in the day by attending training online.

5. You can ask questions. If the webinar is led in real-time, you should have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions. This ensures that you are getting the most out of your training, and fully understand the topic covered.

The promotional products industry is growing as fast as technology will allow. As such, industry professionals can utilize our webinars to learn more about SAGE products and services. We offer free, weekly webinars to help you take full advantage of all the features your SAGE products have to offer.


Current Distributor Webinars

SAGE Online: Clients/CRM and Email Campaigns

Mondays and Fridays @ 1:00 pm CST

This session will teach you how to create new client contacts, schedule tasks, and segment clients into groups in your SAGE Online CRM. You will also learn how to create and schedule email campaigns.

Getting Started with SAGE Online

Tuesdays @ 1:00 pm CST

This introductory session will demonstrate how to download SAGE Online, set up your staff members as users, and perform product searches to get product and supplier information.

SAGE Online: Presentations and the Virtual Design Studio

Wednesdays @ 1:00 pm CST

This session will go over creating professional product presentations for your clients, as well as how to use the Virtual Design Studio to upload clients’ logos to items.

SAGE Online: Order Management

Thursdays @ 1:00 pm CST

In addition to learning Order Management tasks, such as how to create reports and supplier and client forms, you will also learn how to export to QuickBooks during this session.


It’s easy to sign up for a SAGE webinar. To get started, decide which webinars you would like to attend and mark them on your calendar. On the day of a webinar, about 5-10 minutes before the webinar begins, disable your pop-up blocker and go to our Webinars page. Click the “Go to Webinar” link for the webinar you would like to attend, and the system will begin logging you in. You can use your computer speakers or dial into the toll-free number to hear the webinar. At the end of the webinar, you’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Have you attended any webinars that you found useful? Are there topics you would like to see us cover in future webinars? Comment below and tell us what you think!