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Top 10 Promotional Products for Professionals

As we reach the end of our series of the top industries purchasing promotional products, we take a look at a extensive category of professionals that purchase millions of dollars worth of promotional products every year.

Lawyers, CPA’s, and architects, just to name a few professionals in this category, spend countless hours working in challenging industries. Promotional products are excellent for employee relations, orientation programs, and business gifts.

They’re also effective at generating new clients or new accounts, and for promotion of brand awareness and brand loyalty. Since they work in such competitive landscapes, branded products can also go a long way in a consumer’s retention in their services. In fact, 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last two years.

We collected ten of our favorite promotional products for professionals below!


  1. Certificate Presentation Folder, Item# Z-832, Ventura Promotional Products Inc. – SAGE# 54214
  2. Moscow Mule Copper Plated Mug, Item# 76-001, Sterling Cut Glass Co Inc – SAGE# 66926
  3. Plantronics Bluetooth Earset, Item# M55, National Vendor Promotions Inc – SAGE# 68720
  4. Concord Leather Junior Padfolio, Item# BX-839199, Posh Xessories Incorporated – SAGE# 64870
  5. Varsity® Fountain Pen, Item# ISV4B, Pilot Pen – SAGE# 53144
  6. Neoprene Tablet Holder, Item# PN4010, Select Manufacturers Inc – SAGE# 50145
  7. Wooden Bookends, Item# D520A, Maxplus International Incorporated – SAGE# 50988
  8. Two Sided Acrylic Photo Frame (5″x7″), Item# AC5X7, Ace Products – SAGE# 65302
  9. Clayton Cardholder, Item# 65514, Acehigh Tech Corp – SAGE# 60392
  10. Chrome Jumbo Octagon Retractable Badge Reel, Item# BH848CH-DOME, Devara – SAGE# 55251

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Tech Promo Products We Love

Companies are implementing tech products more and more in their marketing strategies. These devices, whether utilized for personal or business purposes, are created to provide convenience and usefulness to consumers.  As you may have read in our blog on surprising facts about promo products, 77% of consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is their top reason to keep it. Along with health and safety products, tech items ranked among the most useful promo products.

Below we’ve gathered our most loved tech promo products including wearables, computer accessories, health and fitness products, and more that just make life easier and more expressive.

Virtual Reality Headset, Item#7140-59, Leeds – SAGE# 52344
Bluetooth Headband With Speaker, Item# AY655 HEADBANDS, Awesome Idea Advertising Inc. – SAGE# 69803
ATOM™ Bluetooth Earbuds, Item# 77024, HandStands – SAGE# 50347
FitTracker, Item# 71172, Acehigh Tech Corp – SAGE# 60392
Smart Watch Compatible with Android and IOS, Item# IG-06SE-GOLD, Intelligent Galaxy LLC – SAGE# 69235
Beagle Two-Way Tracking Device, Item# BEAGLE, – SAGE# 69081
Wireless Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard & Case, Item# PL-4440, Prime Resources Corp – SAGE# 53170
Induction Speaker, Item# GC6008, Logomark Inc – SAGE# 50111
Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, Item# 7199-85, Leeds – SAGE# 52344
Bluetooth Digital Weight Scale, Item#SUPH098, UsolutionPromo Inc. – SAGE# 50515


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Top 10 Promotional Products for The Auto Industry

From daily commutes to work, to summer road trips, we are spending more and more time in our vehicles. Whether you purchased your vehicle from a car dealership or recently visited your local repair shop, you’re sure to have seen some great opportunities for branding! The automotive industry comes in at no. 9 on our list of the top 10 industries purchasing promotional products.

Below is our list of 10 promotional products drivers will enjoy during their travels.

  1. Trunk Organizer, Item# 7TNK1224BLK, PWS – SAGE# 64388
  2. Mobile Tech Travel Accessory Kit, Item #WP303, Makana Line LLC – SAGE# 50165
  3. Complete Emergency Roadside Tool Kit, Item# TG430, Tanslin Premium – SAGE# 67395
  4. Mini Car Air Purifier, Item# 107723, Slight Worlds Inc – SAGE# 69694
  5. Aluminum Tire Gauge, Item# MTRG-S, Graphco Line – SAGE# 64566
  6. SipGrip™ To Go Coaster, Item# 40244, HandStands – SAGE# 50347
  7. Vivid Vent Air Freshener, Item# 09572, HandStands – SAGE# 50347
  8. Ice Scraper Mitt, Item# 1124M, Garyline – SAGE# 51291
  9. Collapsible Auto Sunshade – Mesh Side Shade, Item# 21897, Handy Industries Inc – SAGE# 60388
  10. Portable Stadium Blanket, Item #SL-2050, Ventura Promotional Products Inc. – SAGE# 54214

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