Secret Tools of the Successful Entrepreneur – And How to Get Them

Some people are natural entrepreneurs. You’ve met them. They seem to have boundless energy and ideas, while the rest of us mere mortals have to work day and night to keep up with half their speed and productivity. The good news is that you aren’t limited to sliding them cold and jealous stares. They are simply using a mental toolkit to maximum effect, and you can learn to use it too! Practice with this beginner’s kit, and pave the way for success to come to you.

1. Stretch: Reach for a Ridiculous Vision

Add “stretch” to your vision. Reach until it feels downright ridiculous! If you limit your dreams, you limit your potential. Open your plans to the biggest possibilities, and then even failure may pull you up!

Reaching beyond the places you can see is the quickest way to surprise yourself with accomplishments you never imagined.

2. Inspiration: Find a Success Story

When the going gets tough, when it’s hard to believe in your own dreams, a success story is a lifeline. It helps you remember that your dream is possible and that it has happened for people just like you.

Remind yourself that you aren’t alone. Find the story that inspires you with energy and motivation to pursue your vision with confidence.

3. Resiliency: Learn How to Suffer

There are two ways to suffer: you can run away or you can allow it to happen. Resiliency means you accept the experience of discomfort while keeping sight of your end goal.

The farther your sight, the deeper your reservoir of strength and the more resilient you will be.

Make time to remember your goal, and each time you get back up will be a little bit easier.

4. Openness: Seek Feedback

We all have blind spots – and whether we like it or not, they affect our results. Failing to seek feedback can be a fatal mistake for an entrepreneur.

Be intentional about gathering different perspectives. Constructive feedback will expand your resources, increase your agility and teach you how to see a bigger picture.

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions,” says Ken Blanchard, so load up a plate!

5. Foresight: Achieve a Competitive Edge

Marketplaces change quickly today. Values shift. Needs change. Expectations rise. Are you evolving? Your clients want to know that you can take them to new places.

Foresight allows you to see new needs, resources and processes before your competitors.

To strengthen your foresight, increase your base of knowledge and practice listening to your intuition. The synergy of expertise and instinct will create the forward vision you need.

Ultimately, your mental tools are just as important any other tool of your trade. Don’t let them gather dust – adopt a mindset that will support all your other efforts. As the illustrious Mary Kay Ash put it, “You can go as far as your mind lets you.”

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