Top 10 Promotional Product Ideas for Real Estate

The real estate industry generates billions of dollars in revenue per year in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. In such a vast landscape, real estate professionals have to compete for the business of home buyers, renters, and investors.

One of the most effective ways to market real estate services is with custom promotional products. The industry lands at no. 8 in the list of the top 10 industries purchasing promotional products (Source: Promotional Products Work).

We’ve collected some our favorite items for real estate professionals to give to their clients as housewarming gifts or just to say thanks for their business. Their clients will also have a reminder of their name or business to contact them for future needs or to refer them to a friend!


  1. Mini Bamboo Cutting Board, Item# MI6003, Mi Line by Fey – SAGE# 57120
  2. House Magnetic Clip, Item# MH1, Leprechaun Promotions LLC – SAGE# 67066
  3. Wooden Bottle Opener & Wine Corkscrew, Item# ID1325-09, Innovative Designs Inc – SAGE# 68008
  4. 11 Oz. Stemless Wine Glass, Item# J2634, Universal Printing Company – SAGE# 68971
  5. EZ Gripper Balloon Vinyl Jar Opener, Item# V5BL, The Americanna Company – SAGE# 50332
  6. House Paper Clip Dispenser, Item# DA206, Jetline – SAGE# 63554
  7. Pick ‘N’ Mint House, Item# PNM-H01, Global Promo LLC – SAGE# 67695
  8. Stainless Steel Pizza Wheel Cutter w/ Plastic Handle, Item# WT01183, Wonderful Thinker – SAGE# 50401
  9. Tape Measure w/Notepad, Pen, Level & Belt Clip, Item# 99-152M, Ventura Promotional Products Inc. – SAGE# 54214
  10. House Shaped Key Ring, Item# EK1024, Logomark Inc – SAGE# 50111

See an item that sparks your interest? Check to see what kind of specials are running now! Here’s a quick video on how to search for specials in SAGE Online:






What makes a good logo?

The logo is a single mark that distinguishes your business from many of your competitors. It is more than a simple piece of art to display a name, it is a symbol that establishes a visual identity for your product or business. Logos create the first impression you make to potential customers that communicates what your brand is all about.

In the few years I’ve been in design, I have witnessed some odd scenarios when working with clients on logo design.

One scenario I wish I saw less of is when a logo doesn’t reach its potential and has a similar look to a competitor’s logo.

Another scenario I’ve seen is when a client puts so much detail into their mark that it compares to a digital-Van Gogh. Excessive detail makes a logo difficult to reproduce and can cause headaches down the road. Starbucks, for example, originally used a much more embellished logo.


Whether you or someone you know is looking to rebrand or start a business, here are some expert tips to help you define your logo so that it is just right.

Step away from Photoshop and clip art.

In a previous blog, we touched on the differences between raster art and vector art. But in case you missed it, a raster graphic is what you may be more familiar with – think gifs and jpegs. It is made of pixels that come together to form an image. A vector graphic, on the other hand, is made of points instead of pixels. Those points can be expanded without losing its quality.


Adobe Photoshop specializes in manipulating photos and incorporating special effects into raster images. While it can save vector art files, it is not a program intended to efficiently manipulate and edit vector art files like other tools, so we recommend against using Photoshop to create your logo.

I made the mistake of creating a logo in Photoshop for one of my first clients. When it came time to print the logo on a large sign, the printers asked for a vector file of the logo. At that point, I needed to recreate the logo to meet the needs of the printers.

I experienced some embarrassment in my mistake, but from that point I learned that it’s best to begin designing a logo in Adobe Illustrator which specializes in working with vector art files.

There are other programs out there that can work with vector art files, but this is our favorite tool to use. Also, be sure to save copies of your logo’s vector files (.ai and .eps file extensions) to avoid losing your original artwork!

As for clip art, save it for use in kindergarten fundraiser flyers, as it is not legal to use for commercial purposes. Clip art has been regarded as a staple of amateur branding when it comes to logo design, which leads us to our next point…

Avoid clichés.

Make the most of your logo brainstorming session by refusing to settle on the obvious connotations that come to mind. Steer clear of overused fonts like Papyrus and common symbols. Ditch the globe for “international,” the tree for “nature,” and the speech bubble for “social.”

Let’s say you are creating a logo for a social media business. We already know that “social” equates to communicating, thus the speech bubble. Communicating also implies making the effort to make a connection. Being social and connecting also implies community. You see where this is going?

When the social media platform Twitter debuted, it caught users’ eyes by stepping outside the speech bubble and using a blue bird. It may take a few logical leaps to find something that relates back to what you want to communicate, but don’t rush your brainstorming sessions.

Make sure it is versatile.

Creating a versatile logo is crucial to its future uses. That’s why I recommend your logo be initially designed in one color. That sounds limiting, but this bit of advice is actually intended to give you more flexibility.

There may be instances where it is not possible to replicate your logo in multiple colors. For example, if you are printing your logo on t-shirts but you are on a budget, it may be more cost-effective to choose a single-color print.

You want to avoid any possible loss of detail to your design. If your logo features, let’s say, a shield with too many intricate curves and colors, you may end up printing what looks like an upside-down house.

Although you should start your design in one color, feel free to add in gradients and extra color once the single-color design is done! Just remember that less is more. Logo legends Coca-Cola and MTV created original logos that have withstood the test of time by carefully defining their brand and staying true to their roots with a simple design.

logos 2

To sum it up, your logo should be memorable, aesthetically appealing, and should accurately represent your company. By factoring in those three points, you will be on the path to building a solid logo and brand that your customers will remember.

Don’t want to go solo on a logo?

We will create one for you! Check out all that SAGE ArtworkZone has to offer.


5 Ways to boost Employee Morale

When it comes to building a successful company culture, maintaining positive employee morale is key. Not only are happy employees more productive, but your company is also more likely to attract and keep high-quality employees if the daily atmosphere at work is fun and energizing!

If you want to keep your team operating at its peak, try some of these morale-boosting tips.

Express appreciation.

When everyone is rushing to hit deadlines and working to knock out projects, it’s easy to only communicate about things that need to be fixed. It’s important to give out high-fives, literal or figurative, to let employees know you appreciate them.

There are plenty of ways you can dish out thanks without spending money. Create fun award certificates and hand them out around the office – “Most Innovative Ideas Award,” “Best Flannel Shirt,” “Most Caffeinated” etc. Put up a compliments board in the break room and let employees post kudos, or leave a hand-written note on an employee’s desk to say “Thank you!” or “Great job!”

If you want to boost morale even more, surprise the team with donuts, or bring in Starbucks to your Monday morning meeting.

Encourage collaboration.

Have you ever left a brainstorming meeting feeling energized and excited? By encouraging employees to work together and collaborate on projects, you are injecting that energy into the day-to-day operations of your company. Get your marketing and sales teams together to discuss what you want to focus on for the next quarter. Or set up a large table for employees to sit at with their laptops if they want to get away from their desk for a while. Just being in the presence of other team members can shift the direction of projects in new and creative directions!

Provide employee perks.

Companies like Google and Netflix have made the connection between maintaining happy, productive employees and offering killer perks.

You could try partnering with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts for your employees, such as 10% off lunch at a favorite restaurant, or coupons for house cleaning. Also, check with larger companies to offer discounts on things like phone service, car insurance, or electronics.

Many companies opt to provide their employees with a gym membership in addition to traditional healthcare benefits. Studies show that exercise increases energy and decreases things like depression and chronic illness. Keep your employees happy and healthy by encouraging good wellness habits.

One of the most unanimously popular perks is free food. Try catering lunch once a month, or having an assortment of fresh fruit in the break room. Another great option would be to add an espresso maker to the office!

Have mini-meetings.

Allowing your team time to socialize and come together on projects is an easy way to improve morale throughout the week. Having regular, informal check-ins with the whole team gives your employees the opportunity to acknowledge accomplishments, discuss obstacles, and just be social. These daily or weekly meetings help employees support each other when one person is overwhelmed with work, or if someone needs help brainstorming a topic. This can also be a time for pep talks to re-energize the team during long projects, or to share company successes.

Make it fun.

The quickest way to put a smile on your employee’s face is by doing something fun at the office. Surprise your team by playing a board game instead of your weekly meeting, or get a foosball table for the break room. You can also talk with local food trucks and arrange for them to come onsite now and then to give your employees an interesting, new lunch option. You could also schedule an end-of-the-quarter group outing to go bowling or see a movie to celebrate a job well done!

These are just a few ways that you can encourage employees and build a positive community at work.

What are some ways that you support company morale? Let us know in the comments!


Top 10 Promotional Products for Government Institutions

Whether it’s the local school board or a campaign for the next president of the United States, every government institution holds an opportunity for promotional products!  Promotional products have the ability to get people talking and many organizations are trending toward more unique and memorable promotional products to offer their constituents, ranging from yoga pants to baby bibs!

Here are our 10 favorite items that would be perfect for any campaign, rally or government institution: 

Distributors can find these items and over a million more in the SAGE database!

  1. Americana Bag, Item# USF001, Peerless Umbrella Company – SAGE# 53091
  2. Spring Wire Clipboard, Item# ST264, Janco Line – SAGE# 62642
  3. 26 Oz. Army H2Go Force Bottle, Item# 91691, ETS Express Inc – SAGE# 61380
  4. My Heroes Coloring Book, Item# 0489, Coloring Book Solutions – SAGE# 50731
  5. Cotton U.S. Stick Flags, Item# EC-46, Quinn Flags – SAGE# 69908
  6. Junior Journal, Item# KP2610, Logomark Inc – SAGE# 50111
  7. Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Cup, Item# VIC3, Ad N Art – SAGE# 63786
  8. Concord Leather Padfolio, Item# BX-819199, Posh Xessories Incorporated – SAGE# 64870
  9. Stratford Deluxe Pen & Pencil Set, Item# P554SET, Ace Products – SAGE# 65302
  10. Custom Lapel Pins, Item# 3PIN-TA0051, Gifts Import  – SAGE# 69273


6 Ways to get more done every Day

From the moment you get to work in the morning, you’re probably planning all the things you intend to get done. By the time you head home, you may wonder how the day got away from you! We’re all looking to squeeze a few more hours out of the day, or a way to finish just one more task. If you’re ready to hit the ground running and accomplish more, try these easy, effective tips for being ultra productive every day.

1. Limit multi-tasking
Contrary to what we’ve been told for years, multi-tasking is not always a good option. Most people can’t actually work on more than one task at a time, and instead are frequently switching gears between projects, making them less productive in the long run.

If you have a lot of different projects to work on, try using the Pomodoro Technique as a time/task management tool. This technique breaks down work into intervals, usually 25 minutes each, separated by short breaks. Instead of having a ton of folders, browsers, and emails pulled up at once, choose a single task to work on and close everything else. Start your timer and get to work. If you finish the task or reach your time limit, close the project. Take a short break to get some water, stretch your legs, or check your Facebook. Then get started on the next task.

Using a method like the Pomodoro technique is a great way to hone your focus and ensure that you are giving each project its due attention. It also provides variety to your day so you’re less likely to get burned out or bored.

2. Sort your email
Each time you stop what you’re doing to check an email, you’re wasting valuable time by switching gears, losing momentum on current projects, and allowing yourself to be distracted. It’s hard to look at a single email without scrolling through others, and think about how much time you spend searching through emails to find something specific. See all the ways your email inbox is costing you time?

As emails come in during the day, try sorting them into folders in your inbox. You can do this manually by moving the email to the folder, or set up rules to automatically move emails from a certain sender or with a particular keyword.

Here are four example folders:

Personal – For emails that don’t need to be addressed right away, such as benefits information, personal emails between coworkers, etc.
Newsletters – Newsletters and automated emails can automatically be filtered to a folder like this for you to browse through and read when you have a free moment.
Action – Create a folder just for items that require some kind of action or response. Once they’ve been taken care of, move the email to a different folder for archiving.
Artwork – It’s good to have a particular folder for organizing artwork files so they’re easier to find later during a project.

These are just examples; create folders and rename/reorganize them until you find what works best for you.

3. Close your browsers
Sometimes the temptation to peruse the internet is just too overwhelming. What’s happening on Facebook right now? Where can I get the best deal on a new laptop? When was the Louisiana Purchase? The internet is full of interesting things to read and do, so if you want to be mega productive, you have to resist!

Most people make a habit of having at least one internet window open on their computer. Try exiting out of that for a while. If the search bar isn’t quite so easy to get to, you’re more likely to stay on task instead of getting sidetracked by the web.

4. Make a list and check it often
Everyone has heard that making a to-do list can help you stay on track, whether it’s at the grocery store or working on a big project. You can take that notion up a notch and use your to-do list as an agenda. First, make a detailed list of all the projects/tasks you want to work on. Then set yourself a reminder for every hour, on the hour. At that reminder, look at your to-do list and cross off anything you’ve accomplished and move on to the next task.

This method helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, you get the benefit of crossing items off your list to help you stay motivated! As new tasks roll in throughout the day, write them down immediately. The process of writing tasks down can help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, and it lets you see everything you need to get done, so you can prioritize.

5. Give in to distraction
If there’s something on your mind that’s preventing you from concentrating, try giving yourself a set amount of time to think about/work on it. If you have a move coming up and your mind keeps wandering to think about apartments, take a ten-minute break from your work to write down your thoughts, do a quick search online, or call a realtor. Once you’ve given yourself a few minutes to focus on the thing distracting you, it’ll be easier to put it aside and get some real work done!

6. Daily wrap-up sessions
A lot of people make to-do lists first thing in the morning. Going this route, you might forget important items that you needed to finish from the day before.

An hour before you leave work, make a list of any outstanding items from the day. Make notes about where you’re at with each task, and prioritize what you want to get started on tomorrow. You should have enough time to email/meet with coworkers about any barriers impeding your progress or ask any questions that will help you moving forward. Tomorrow you’ll be ready to hit the ground running as soon as you get to work!

What steps do you take to be your most productive self? Let us know in the comments!


Top 10 Promotional Products for the Construction Industry

The construction industry purchases millions of promotional items and giveaways every year, which is why they’re on our Top 10 List for industries buying the most promotional products!

From carpenters to electricians and every other business involved in construction, it’s a competitive industry where brand recognition and trust can win you the bid. In addition to service providers, manufacturers and construction supply companies also have to take an active role in marketing themselves within the industry.

We’ve put together a list of 10 useful and memorable promotional items perfect for any sector of the construction industry!

Distributors can find these items and over a million more in the SAGE database!

  1. Carhartt Tool Bag, Item# 1889-01, Leeds – SAGE# 52344
  2. Magnetic Memo Clip, Item# DM271, Cameo Novelty & Pen Company – SAGE# 50603
  3. Snap-Blade Utility Knife, Item# MI9008, Mi Line by Fey – SAGE# 57120
  4. Split Cowhide Work Glove, Item# GL3270SQ, Atteff International Inc, SAGE# 63646
  5. Pocket Workshop Multi-Tool, Item# ST2042, Primetime – SAGE# 61946
  6. 16-Footer Grip Tape Measure, Item# TMG16, Garyline – SAGE# 51291
  7. 12-Pack Water Tight Cooler, Item# BL3403, Atteff International Inc – SAGE# 63646
  8. Clip-IT Vent Mount, Item# 09304, HandStands – SAGE# 50347
  9. 14 LED Dura-Light, Item# MFL30, The Magnet Group – SAGE# 52498
  10. Accordion Trunk Organizer, Item# 0088-01, Leeds – SAGE# 52344
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Top 10 Promotional Products for Nonprofits


Top 10 Promotional Products for Non-Profits

Top 10 Promotional Products for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits share a common mission – to spread the word about their cause! As such, the nonprofit sector is one of the top 10 industries purchasing promotional products.

Nonprofit organizations can use promotional items to help build brand awareness. Items like tote bags and tumblers are likely to be used out and about and are great options for getting a logo seen in the community. Smaller giveaway items, like pins and magnets, are perfect for promoting a community event or raising awareness about a cause.

Branded items are excellent thank you gifts for recognizing community volunteers and donors.

Nonprofits can express appreciation for different levels of donation with gifts ranging from coffee mugs to gift baskets, or recognize community members with custom awards and plaques.

And don’t forget about fundraising! Many nonprofits use promotional products as fundraisers, and can benefit from choosing high-quality, inexpensive items that will promote their cause while raising revenue.

From the thousands of options out there, we selected our favorite 10 items for nonprofits!

Of course, distributors can find these items and thousands more in SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile!

  1. Fruit Shape Tote Bag, Item# BT3684, Atteff International Inc – SAGE# 63646
  2. Silky Soft MicroFiber Cloth, Item# SMARTD4X5, Smart Go Logo – SAGE# 69342
  3. Poly Pro Lunch To Go, Item# A646, Vitronic Promotional Group – SAGE# 57540
  4. Seed Balls in Clear Tube, Item# GRSBT, Groline – SAGE# 66887
  5. HotMates Reusable Hand Warmers, Item# HMWTE-S, Sunscarf International Limited – SAGE# 68702
  6. Magnetic Clip Whiteboard Set, Item# T529, High Caliber Line – SAGE # 64740
  7. Desk Set w/ Carry Box, Item# MK-OM-84, Makana Line LLC – SAGE# 50165
  8. Color Comfort, Item# CC101, Better Life Line (a Fields Company) – SAGE# 66974
  9. 16 Oz. Double Wall Saturn Tumbler, Item# MG760, Jetline – SAGE# 63554
  10. The Vidalia Notebook, Item# T942, High Caliber Line – SAGE# 64740
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Which of these 10 are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


10 unique promotional products for the financial industry

Top-Financial-Products-Header-750x263Continuing our blog series on the top 10 industries that purchase promotional products – this week, we’re highlighting the financial industry. From banks and lenders to insurance and asset management, the entire financial sector can benefit from the use of promotional products. We scoured the SAGE database to find 10 unique promo items that we think bankers, financiers, and all their friends would enjoy.

Check out our top 10 picks for the financial industry:

Distributors can find these items, and hundreds more, in SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile!

  1. Stack Coin Bank, Item# SMQ4219, Yanlee Trading Co Ltd – SAGE Supplier# 68315
  2. Leather Mouse Pad, Item# PAD0029, United States Wholesales E-Commerce Company – SAGE Supplier# 50307
  3. Candy Jar, Item# QP-2012, Quick Point Inc – SAGE Supplier# 57250
  4. Stand with Sticky Notes, Item# ZBNPF-IMRMR, Logomark Inc – SAGE Supplier# 50111
  5. Writing Pad, Item# 7950-15, Leeds – SAGE Supplier# 52344
  6. BuzzBrush and Duster, Item# IT505, Jetline – SAGE Supplier# 63554
  7. Dollars Magnetic Sculpture, Item# DA560DOLLAR, Ace Products, SAGE Supplier# 65302
  8. CardSafe Cellphone Wallet, Item# 594555, American Greenwood – SAGE Supplier# 55450
  9. Regency Tumbler Gift Set, Item# B205T3, Moderne Glass Company Inc – SAGE Supplier# 52662
  10. Letter Opener, Item# MC98710, Assurance Industries Company LLC– SAGE Supplier# 50378

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Top 10 Promotional Products ideas for all ages

Top 10 Promotional Product Ideas for Students of All Ages

One of the top 10 industries purchasing promotional products is education! Think about all of the opportunities in this industry: college recruiting, university events, sports, seminars and conferences, health education, teacher appreciation day, and so many more! With this collection of products, we searched for unique, memorable items that students of any age would be thrilled to receive!

Check out our top 10 picks for the education industry:

(and they all can be found in SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile!)

Distributors can find all of these items (and more!) in SAGE.

  1. Terrain Tritan Bottle, Garyline – SAGE# 51291, Item# IBMRN-JKOQF
  2. Temporary Tattoos, PMGOA – SAGE# 69455, Item# AEMOF-JCZXR
  3. Fashion Sunglasses, Chulani Promotional Products Co – SAGE# 50625, Item# SG627-GREEN
  4. Bungee Rocket Toy, Proinnovative Inc – SAGE# 50272, Item# MIMTJ-CMYMF
  5. Popcorn Megaphone, Logomark Inc – SAGE# 50111, Item# VG2102
  6. Wax Highlighters, Proinnovative Inc – SAGE# 50272, Item# MCMSN-JJJOD
  7. iPhone Megaphone Speaker, High Caliber Line – SAGE# 64740, Item# T261
  8. Duffel Bag, Jetline – SAGE# 63554, Item# DENNN-ISTVD
  9. Cork Journal, Logomark Inc – SAGE# 50111, Item# YFQRL-KAWHN
  10. Silicone Crayon Stylus, Awesome Idea Advertising Inc. – SAGE# 69803, Item# CDPQI-JLAXQ

This post is actually part of a series! Did you read about which top 10 industries buy the most promotional products?


Do you have product suggestions for education? Let us know in the comments!


Who’s buying Promotional Products? Top 10 List!

Who’s Buying Promotional Products? Top 10 List!

When you’re in the business of selling, it’s important to know who your buyers are. For promotional products, pretty much every industry could benefit from purchasing giveaway items, or at least customized pens. However, veteran distributors know which industries are the most reliable buyers for promo products. The following list ranks the top 10 purchasers of promotional products by industry. (Source: Promotional Products Work)


The SAGE Blog is going to feature each industry on the list in individual blog posts, complete with product ideas and marketing suggestions for turning these top buyers into your customers. Stay tuned!

Who are your go-to industries? We want to know! Post in the comments below.